Nine steps to sterilization with EOGas.

Be sure to consult the complete instructions packaged with every box of cartridges.

  1. Disassemble all items to be sterilized to provide an unobstructed path for gas penetration.
  2. Wash all items in detergent and water.
  3. Package items in individual gas permeable wrappings: cloth, paper, paper/plastic peelable pouches or Seal and Peel® waterproof packaging.
  4. Place the items to be sterilized into a genuine EOGas sterilization bag along with one cartridge of EOGas (match the cartridge size to the sterilization  bag number.  Remove the trigger guard from the cartridge), one Dosimeter and one Humidichip humidity stabilizer.
  5. Heat seal the mouth of the sterilization bag.
  6. Press the trigger of the cartridge through the wall of the sterilization bag until you feel a snap and hear the release of the gas.
  7. Close the sterilizer door.  Press the cycle start button.  The usual cycle time is sixteen hours, This time includes sterilization and aeration.  At the end of sixteen hours, all items are sterile and most can be used immediately.  The timer on the front of the cabinet will count down the time.
  8. At 16 hours elapsed time after the cartridge was activated, open the sterilizer door and slit the mouth of the sterilization bag with a scissors.  Close the cabinet door and leave the contents undisturbed for a further 15 minutes.  Then, you may remove the sterilization bag and remove the packaged items from the bag and place them on a shelf in a well ventilated room until they are needed. 
  9. Record the appearance of the Dosimeter.  The color change must have reached the triangle marker to consider the contents of the sterilization bag as sterile.  Discard the empty cartridge and the used Humidichip in ordinary rubbish.

The EOGas System includes a bag sealer.  Each EOGas Bag becomes "the sterilization load".