The most popular low temperature sterilization system in North America keeps getting better ! Using less than 18 grams of Ethylene Oxide per cycle, Anprolene gently sterilizes a wide variety of delicate items that heat and moisture can damage. A combination of ventilation and purge systems ensure that Ethylene Oxide (EtO) exposure levels are below OSHA prescribed limits. Easy installation requires only 110VAC outlet and a dedicated exhaust line to the outside.

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What can you sterilize with Anprolene?
Sterilize most anything! More on this.

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Technical Dimensions





AN74j / Anprolene


  • Andersen's innovative design of the AN74j gives practitioners a new, wider width for items such as scopes that coil only so far, or any item whose larger dimensions require more space. Sterilization of heat, moisture or pressure sensitive items is now possible.
  • The full capacity, of the 35 liter AN79 liner bag can now be used for any instrument up
    to 17.0" wide and 30" long.
  • Still the most gentle of all sterilization methods, Anprolene Sterilizers are manufactured by an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13458:2003 Company. Andersen's room temperature and atmospheric pressure cycles use the same 100% Ethylene oxide (EO) ampoules. All Andersen systems use 80% less gas to sterilize than our closest competitor.
  • Installing the AN74j with it's one inch (1") diameter vent hose to the outside is easy in most office based practices and clinics. A simple, dedicated vent removes the small amount of EO used for each cycle outside of the workplace.
  • An optional abator is available to reduce EO emissions by more than 95% to satisfy authorities where state or local codes might require extremely low emission levels.
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Handle with key lock
  • Space saving top mounted controls and display
  • Displays cycle prompts and status
  • Purge features that permit seamless sterilization and aeration
  • Automatic diagnostics at
    the touch of a button
  • Improved electronics
  • Adjustable feet for leveling
  • Abator ready
  • Chamber dimensions:
    18"W x 13"H x 29 1/2"L
  • Free Operator Certification

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