AN-11S Andersen Tube, 10 Fr., Pediatric with Stylet

The Andersen Tube is a vented (bilumenal) gastric tube designed to keep the stomach continuously and completely empty. It has 24 aspirating ports in the tip of the tube that are designed to screen out particulate matter too large to pass through the tube.  It is made of exceptionally soft and pliable vinyl for patient comfort.

This tube has a stylet to help in placing it in an unconscious or uncooperative patient.

The aspirating tube has one placement mark to encourage its ositioning in the cardia of the stomach.  It is in the cardia of the stomach that the contents of the stomach pool in the recumbent patient and hence it is in the cardia that you want to place the aspirating tip of a gastric tube.

The vent tube is guarded by a hydrophobic filter which acts as a one way valve allowing vent air into the tube but preventing gastric juice from exiting from the vent tube and soiling the patient's pillow.  The vent tube is radiopaque.

  • Designed to maintain the stomach continuously and completely empty.
  • Aspiration ports designed to act as a screen to particles larger than the lumen size.
  • Soft for improved patient comfort
  • Single positioning mark
  • If it is bubbling, it is working.
  qty 10

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